-Is this "Lounge" for kids or adults?
Great Question! Humdingers virtual reality lounge was created to provide family entertainment. All ages are welcome in the lounge, however, our target market is everyone 10 years and older. You MUST be 10+ to play. There is a huge growth of young adults and middle-aged adults who enjoy modern gaming. We also have a foosball table and a few coin-operated machines for added variety.
-Can I schedule a team-building day for my employees or coworkers?
Absolutely!  We can work together to schedule your day and get your team out of the office and enjoying some lounging and great VR experiences! Get them to work together in virtual escape rooms or other adventure games!
-Will the VR experience make me motion sick or cause me to lose my balance?
Difficult question. Everyone is different and the vast majority of people don't have any issues; however, there are a few things you should know. We do not recommend this for individuals who suffer from seizures or vertigo. People who get motion sick easily may have a difficult time playing for long periods, but most don't report any issues at all. HINT: Low-end VR systems like the ones you get at the stores, the type that works by inserting your phone, can cause more cases of motion sickness. High-end VR systems like you will experience at Humdingers have much better results due to the fact that they are VERY fast and there is no "lag". It feels much more natural.
-I have seen virtual reality headgear in the stores, some are very affordable. Why would we not play at home?
- No way to play multiplayer with friends (Lounges provide this in a professional way) 
- Out of reach costs for most. (Basic systems can exceed $4,000)
- Real VR requires dedicated space, an entire room of your house!
- Low-cost systems are limited and can cause motion sickness among other things which leads to a
poor experience.
Another great question! You are correct!...kinda. The "concept" of virtual reality is cool. However, immersive virtual reality is an entirely different ball game. By Immersive we mean...fully committed. The systems you can insert your phone into are VR in its most limited and basic form. We like to use the analogy of a rocket. Sure, you can buy a "home rocket kit", not very expensive, and you can launch it in the backyard. Or you can be an astronaut, ride the rocket, drive the rocket and go to the moon. You are launching a rocket both ways. One is cheap, requires no dedicated space, you have no control over it, and "kinda works". The other is VERY expensive, requires a lot of dedicated space (for permanently mounted sensors and computers), you have your hands on the controls, and you experience something that REALLY works! To be more specific, high-end virtual reality systems are not practical for consumers for a few reasons. First of all, it requires dedicated space in your home, a full room! You have to have wall-mounted sensors permanently installed. Secondly, the price. Sure a high-end headset and hand sensors are not out of this world expensive, ranging from about $500 to $1,500 for the system, BUT... unlike the common game consoles that have you ready to play for $400, this is only one half of the required hardware for VR. So now you have the headset and hand controls, what are you going to power it with? It MUST be powered by a high-end gaming computer which is often custom-built to meet demanding graphics specs. These PCs can range from $1,600 to $4,000 to much, much more! As you can see this quickly gets out of budget for most consumers. This is why virtual reality lounges and arcades are popping up all over the country!
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